Energy management

Optimized energy use.

With intelligent energy management, you can use the electricity you produce with the greatest possible efficiency and protect your wallet in the long term. Numerous factors such as time of day, consumers and available, self-produced energy are optimally regulated and the purchase of electricity is reduced.
Energy management

Hot water thanks to clean electricity.

Increase your self-consumption and use excess generated clean energy for hot water treatment. With a heat pump, you can sustainably increase your level of self-sufficiency and benefit from lower energy costs. The PV system and, if applicable, the built-in power storage unit supply your heat pump with energy. In this way, you not only use your electricity directly from the socket, but also for your heating system and/or your service water. Arrange a non-binding consultation date. Our experts will advise you and offer solutions – also for your photovoltaic system.
Energy management

Your air conditioner can be cool too.

Use your cleanly generated electricity to cool down your living space. Especially on hot, sun-intensive days – when your photovoltaic system generates maximum electricity – your air conditioning installation also runs at full load. With your own electricity, you reduce the amount of electricity you buy from the grid and operate your air conditioning system more cost-effectively and in a climate-friendly manner.
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