Optimal performance needs maintenance.

Since the condition of a photovoltaic system deteriorates over time, a system must be maintained through regular maintenance work. Because only a well-kept and serviced system will provide optimal performance over the long term.
The entire system is checked during maintenance. In addition to the electrical tests, all other details of the system are also examined here:
  • the modules
  • the mounting system
  • all wiring paths
  • the cables
  • the distributor housing
  • the inverters
The correct functioning of installed monitoring units in connection with the control elements of a power management or the hardware for direct marketing is also checked. Communication units for monitoring the systems must always be able to issue an alarm in the event of an error. The yield data must be transmitted reliably and regularly to the corresponding monitoring software so that the appropriate measures can be initiated as quickly as possible in the event of an error. Below we have listed some of our maintenance packages. We also offer maintenance packages that are individually tailored to your needs. Here you will find an excerpt of our services. In addition to our maintenance packages, we offer the following services:
  • E-Check PV
  • Thermography
  • DC – power measurement
  • Device testing according to DGUV regulation 3
  • Preparation of PV reports
  • drone flight
Since photovoltaic systems are as individual as their owners, we look forward to a personal conversation with you. Please send your request to our service technicians.
Aging and environmental influences can cause clamp connections to become loose, insulation to crack, seals to become brittle, lines to be crushed or equipment to fail. Regular maintenance and early detection of damage ensure electrical operational safety.
Even if it was often said when selling a PV system: “You have the system installed on your roof and earn money for 20 years without taking care of anything.” So this statement is not correct. While it is true that much of the everyday dirt on PV modules is washed away by rain. However, special influences such as:
  • Harvest or Seed
  • an adjacent fireplace
  • a busy road
  • etc.
lead to more pollution. These impurities then form stubborn layers of dirt which can no longer be removed by the rain. Sooner or later this leads to shading of the solar cells and demonstrably reduces the performance of the modules or the entire PV system. For this reason, the Tauber-Solar GmbH service center works nationwide with powerful partners when it comes to cleaning PV systems. Through our experience and the cooperation with our partners, performance reductions of more than 20% have already been eliminated. In addition, this enables us to
  • fair prices
  • professional execution
and, most importantly, guarantee long-term value retention and the performance of your PV system.
Above all, open space photovoltaic systems but also roof systems are often shaded by trees, bushes and grass. This then leads to a significant reduction in solar yields. In addition, shaded modules or cells tend to form hotspots, which in the worst case can become a fire hazard. By regularly cutting back the vegetation, this can be prevented and trouble-free electricity production by the photovoltaic system can be guaranteed. By removing the green growth, yield reductions of more than 15% have already been eliminated in PV systems. Objects that are often affected by vegetation:
  • Flat roofs with greenery
  • Roofs near forests
  • Buildings with trees and shrubs on site
  • Open spaces – photovoltaic systems
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