Service & Maintenance

So that every ray of sunshine brings joy.

The good news: individual services tailored to your system can stop this process so that your system always generates the maximum yield. The TAUBER-SOLAR Group is currently in charge Approx. 300 systems with outputs between 10 kWp and 15 MWp in Europe and abroad. Approximately 1,000 service assignments* per year reflect our well-founded specialist knowledge and the high flexibility of our team – always with the goal in mind of ensuring the smooth operation of your photovoltaic system with the best yield figures.

All data at a glance.

All data relating to the maintenance order is monitored, checked and evaluated via the “monitoring system” installed in your system. In this way, we can quickly identify system malfunctions or failures and determine the causes.

Optimal performance needs maintenance.

Since the condition of a photovoltaic system deteriorates over time, a system must be maintained through regular maintenance work. Because only a well-kept and maintained system will provide optimum performance in the long term!

Leave nothing to chance.

Regular checks are the be-all and end-all for the proper functioning of every photovoltaic system. And did you know that insurance companies can request proof of regular checks (E-Check PV) in the event of damage?
Overhaul / Repair

Minimize downtime.

The most important thing in the event of a system malfunction is quick action. Whether data failure in the system communication or the defect of individual components that are reported by remote monitoring: Our in-house technicians can often fix faults quickly and easily from the office and if this is not possible, we plan a service call on site and carry it out promptly.

Reach the max.

Photovoltaic systems often do not work optimally and thus generate less yield than they could. Our experienced employees recognize the weak points of your PV systems directly and can often achieve the best possible results for you with simple corrections.
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We're here to help!

We would be happy to answer your questions about photovoltaics. Whether system, use or service: If you have any questions, you’ve come to the right place.
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