Mission statement

Nationwide, the district town of Tauberbischofsheim with its almost 13,000 inhabitants was previously better known by the Olympic grounds for fencing. But in the meantime, it is now also making a name for itself as a solar town with TAUBER-SOLAR. The medium-sized company began with the first local photovoltaic plants at the end of the 1990s. The name Tauber - the namesake of the river and town - has also been firmly anchored into the company’s name. Today, the company produces more than 130 MWp of climate-friendly solar energy in Germany and Europe. As a result, the company has remained close to its roots, grown slowly and sustained its position as a stable solar company, which has survived the difficulties of the rapidly evolved photovoltaic industry and technology unscathed. To this day, the name TAUBER-SOLAR within the solar industry is a guarantee for high performance, solid and confident work and the best quality.

From the very beginning, TAUBER-SOLAR had in mind a climate-friendly and regenerative energy production to protect the future generations. All three shareholders and managing directors of the TAUBER-SOLAR Holding come from very different professional divisions and have lots of professional experience. For the company’s founders, the aim was not rapid profit, but rather the opportunity to guarantee sustainable regionally produced and environmentally-friendly energy production with the sun. This motivated the company’s founders to further build on the company and to expand the range of services to include efficient solar energy usage. The expansion of regional energy production avoids long power lines, offshore parks on the high seas and giant solar farms in the hot desert. Regional solar energy reduces CO2 emissions many times over, reduces power costs and ensures sustainable and forward-thinking energy production completely in line with TAUBER-SOLAR’s idea: to protect the upcoming generations.

The medium-sized company is still firmly anchored in the region today, supporting a huge range of regional events and associations and has clearly decided on the district town and, as such, the region for its headquarters with the two new company buildings in Siemensstraße (completion of the main building is estimated at the end of 2013).

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